The Contract (day 1)

Okay, let's get started.

Personality development in transactional analysis is based on two main pillars.

  1. Analysis
  2. New decision-making (to decide differently than before)

First of all, we cover the basics so you get an understanding of the concept (analysis). This is what we call "psycho-education". You acquire expertise in order to put it to practice.

Let's see what a contract is:

Video: Introduction to contracts

This video defines what a contract is in the context of transactional analysis. Furthermore, you will learn why contracts will improve your professional and private relationships.


  • Contracts are underestimated in everyday life.
  • Contract = agreement
  • Each work is based on a contract (work in this context means "purposeful action").
  • A contract coordinates and regulates social interaction.
  • A voluntary contract can simplify and facilitate living together.

Video: What contracts are for

Video: What are contracts for?

In this video, you will learn where you can apply the contract method, because it is not only useful in your professional but also private life.


You can use the contract method in order to:

  • live life easier
  • promote mutual understanding
  • initiate enriching changes
  • achieve goals
  • be treated how you want to
  • create clarity
  • avoid problems
  • solve problems


Look for a situation in your life where you could use the contract method and clearly outline it. (We will continue to work with this situation in the next few days.)

Example: "I want to avoid problems with my supervisor, we often misunderstand each other when it comes to completing tasks."

Post your situation in the comment function.

Tomorrow we will deal with the contract components and what you can do to create favorable conditions for clear agreements.

If you have a question, write me a comment in the below field. I'm also happy if you write me some feedback.

See you tomorrow,

Your Steffen


By the way: Contracts are one of 11 learning modules of the basic course Transactional Analysis. So if you want to dive deeper and learn the basics of transactional analysis, you can do so here. (including certification)