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  • to describe what's going on in relationships with the basic models of Transactional Analysis
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Letitia Maurer, Consultant in Social and Psychological Sector

I just love this online course! I am a satisfied student. Studying online is very convenient for me. Normally I spend most of my weekends in workshops and seminars. The modules are easy to understand and the exercises provide great insight. I am really enjoying this. I have advertised the course within my network. Thank you for this great opportunity! If you offer more online seminars in the future – I am in for sure!

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Due to educational video modules, everyone knows where they are on their journey of learning Transactional Analysis at all times. Previous knowledge is not necessary as . The videos will cater to people with previous knowledge as well.


Many examples and stories from personal and professional situations will help you to connect the models with real life. Through exercises you are invited to bring the concepts into your own life.


You will find answers to all your questions around TA in our private Facebook forum. You are invited to post your stories and read success stories of other participants as well as news from the world of Transactional Analysis.

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Stories of our Participants

Matthias Graefen, Teacher of Alexander Technique

Great! Calm, comprehensible and true-to-life explanations. The course helps to understand myself and challenge my standard behaviour.

Sebastian Kaiser, Personal Trainer

The videos and exercises showed me how I can work with my clients even better. Especially when addressing sensitive issues.

Philipp Rabe, Editor

I really love how this course is done. Finally something new and exciting! You explain everything in great detail. I studied at home, on my way to work and even in the park. But the best thing is that I have developed myself a lot. Now I use the TA models everyday to be the best version of myself. It is easier for me to reflect myself now and I can communicate more direct and meaningful now. By the way: The certificate looks good in my CV.

Beate Balser, Management Consultant

Well structured, lively and with huge value – I can recommend this course to everyone interested in Transactional Analysis and communication.

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The Learning Modules in Detail

You will receive in total 55 animated videos. That is 143 minutes of video content. Those highly knowledge-intensive videos will teach you the concepts of Transactional Analysis. These 2.5 hours will guide you through all the basics of TA. With the basic course you will receive 38 exercises and additional files. You are invited to deepen your knowledge and apply the TA concepts to your life. It will take you about 9 hours to study these materials. You can complete the content and take the exam after one day or if you choose to work 1 hour per day and do your exam after 2 weeks – it is up to you. You decide the learning speed that fits your needs best.

01 About TA and this Basic Course (2 Videos, 3 Exercises/Files)

This module will teach you about development opportunities with Transactional Analysis. It includes an overview on history of TA as well as the most well known TA societies There are links to the most important websites. You will also find a reading list with suggestions for books. This module sums up the main TA resources so you know exactly where to go to deepen your TA knowledge.

02 Introducation to Transactional Analysis (4 Videos, 2 Exercises/Files)

In this module you will learn how to classify Transactional Analysis as a psychological discipline. We will introduce the goals of TA, the different models and how they are related. A reflection exercise will help you determine your personal development level. You will understand the foundations of TA and how the concepts can be connected. The reflection exercises will help you to understand in which areas of your life TA can be helpful for you.

03 Ego States (6 Videos, 5 Exercises/Files)

The Ego states illustrate the human personality. They are one of the core models of Transactional Analysis. We will discuss the structural model, the functional model, the egogram, functional aspects, ego state diagnosis, contamination and exclusion.
This model will help you understand why and how you are in certain situations. You will learn to determinate your current ego state and adjust accordingly. Practical exercises will help you to decide whether you are happy with your Ego state in a situation or if you want to change it.
The Ego states are a powerful tool for self discovery as well as an instrument for changing the Ego state of yourself and inviting a different Ego state from others.

04 Transactions (5 Videos, 3 Exercises/Files)

Communication with others is crucial for our life, our happiness and well-being. Communication may lead to a lot of joy. But it can also lead to a lot of discomfort. This module will introduce to you the analysis of communication. Eric Berne named the back and fourth of communication as a transaction. This module studies complementary transactions, crossed transactions and hidden transactions. The transactions are an instrument for understanding what happens when communicating with someone else.
Transactions can help you to actively foster respectful and intimate conversations, detect manipulations and react to them mindfully.

05 Contracts/Agreements (6 Videos, 1 Exercise/File)

Confusion and discomfort often lie in the belief that other people will have the exact same understanding of a situation that we we do. Transactional Analysis uses the word „contract“ to describe a mutual agreement. We are not talking about a legal contract but the competency to facilitate agreements successfully. What is a contract? Why do contracts improve relationships? What parts are included into a contract? How can I use contracts in my professional and my private life? What techniques are available to facilitate contracts? What requirements are needed for a successful contract? What is a contract with myself?
Contracts are like entering your destination in the navigation system of your car. If you close your contracts wisely you will reach your goals smoothly. A clear framework will help your relationships to prosper. All parties know what to expect from each other and there is no room for misunderstandings. Wishes and needs can be fulfilled. Transparency instead of confusion, growing together instead of rivalry.

06 Psychological Needs (2 Videos, 2 Exercises/Files)

They are often neglected but psychological needs have a big impact on our well-being. A big part of our everyday actions are used to fulfill those needs. Nobody knows that. If you know your psychological needs and hungers you can develop new ways to satisfy them.
You will be introduced to three forms of psychological hunger. You will understand that they are natural. You will gain insights on how to fulfill them in a mature way.

07 Strokes (4 Videos, 4 Exercises/Files)

Many people suffer emotional deficits because they haven’t found a healthy expression for their psychological need for recognition. In this module we are going to re-evaluate our perception of recognition. What are strokes? How can we stroke? What types of strokes exist? How can we deal with strokes so they become fulfilling for us? You will learn if the attention you are currently receiving is doing you good. You will learn how to receive strokes that are truly satisfying. Grow your emotional fulfillment by giving and receiving strokes. This could make our community so much more warm and beautiful.

08 The Life-Script (7 Videos, 8 Exercises/Files)

Your script, the screenplay of your life, has already been written and you are on stage performing it right now. You might be aware or unaware but the script reinforces how we understand and live our life. The script is one of the main concepts of Transactional Analysis.
In this module you will learn, what the life-script is, how you can analyze it, the definition of a Winning-Script, Non-Winning-Script and Loser-Script, definition of the life positions, which factors are influencing the script and which factors are reinforcing the script throughout our lives. Explore unknown and harmful parts of your life script and disarm them. Screen for self-fulfilling prophecy and vicious circles in your life. With this module you can learn to read your life-script and rewrite it. You will a receive a psychological pen and rubber. You are invited to create a script according to your needs and wishes.

09 The Drama Triangle (7 Videos, 4 Exercises/Files)

You are sick of relationship drama? In this module you will learn, what drama is, what operating roles exist in drama, how drama is created, how you recognize it and how to deal with it. You will get to know ideas on how to reduce drama. You may grow drama antennas. This can save you a ton of energy and allows you to stop destructive behavior patterns. Your energy is better invested into creative and intimate relationships. No more drama!

10 Games (5 Videos, 1 Exercise/File)

The drama triangle is part of the concept of games. We will study why people play psychological games, what rules games have, which type of games exist, what formula they follow and how you can deal with games. We will also connect the games to the life-script.
You will learn to detect common games when you playing them or when others playing them. You will learn to react to them so they will not unfold their destructive powers. Combine games and the drama triangle to detect manipulation. Stop game play and start intimacy!

11 Rackets and Feelings (7 Videos, 5 Exercises/Files)

For many people feelings are a big mystery. Sometimes they stand in our way, they come at the wrong time and things would be so much easier without them. But feelings are there to support you and advise you. In this module you will study the connection between behaviour and feelings, the difference between authentic and unauthentic feelings, why we hold back our feelings and how we can liberate ourselves from unauthentic feelings. Use your feelings to develop and advance both professionally and privately. We invite you to understand your feelings instead of emotional chaos. Choose to sync thinking and feelings and grow your emotional intelligence. Become best friends with your feelings and intuition.

12 Exam (1 Video,1 Exercise/File)

For the basic course in Transactional Analysis to be recognized as psychological education you need to pass the final exam. But don’t worry. The objective of this exam is to reflect your newly gained knowledge. The exam is „open book“ which means you can answer all questions at your own speed and use all materials, books and videos that you need. Every question can gather up to 10 points. For you to pass the exam you need to a minimum of 65 points in total. After writing your answers, you will send to to Jürg via Email. He will send you an individual feedback to your exam. Also he will provide your certificate via email and on paper (shipping worldwide).
Due to Jürg’s feedback you have a good evaluation about your knowledge in Transactional Analysis. You can use the certificate for your employer as evidence of basic TA training. After passing the exam successfully you are TA 101 certified. This certificate is recognized by all national and international TA societies. It is your admission into further education in Transactional Analysis. It is also proof for your power and self-efficacy. You successfully finished the course and the exam. Congratulations!

Why learning Transactional Analysis?

1. Ethics that support Human Growth
2. Analysis and Development of Personality
3. Analysis and Development of Communication Skills
4. Analysis and Processing of Psychological History

You may work with the four parts of TA for yourself or with others. The models of Transactional Analysis focus on finding new solutions when problems or disturbance occurs. You are invited to grow at peace with yourself and create fulfilling relationships, emotional clarity and a joyful life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why an Online Course?

The goal of each introduction seminar of Transactional Analysis is to offer an overview about the concepts and the advantages of TA. This online course offers clearly structured learning modules with many exercises that you can study at your own speed. This will allow you to deeply integrate the TA concepts into your life. We believe this first step in TA education can easily be taken online.

You are invited to use the time you save from not commuting to study TA. Your costs savings from not spending on presence seminars, hotels or gas can be invested elsewhere.

What is Transactional Analysis?

Transactional Analysis analyzes human interaction and draws conclusions about personality and personal history. Transactional Analysis (short: TA) uses easily understandable but in-depth models to do so. The models are constructed to create new possibilities in unpleasant situations. Transactional Analysis offers the possibility to find peace in yourself and create joyful relationships. The goal of TA is to create autonomy in thinking, acting and feeling.

Why do a Basic Course in TA?

In our modern world of labour division careers depend on our skill to cooperate and co-create. In this basic course you will develop your communication skills, you will learn to understand yourself and others on a deeper level and you will find solutions to difficult solutions. TA theory can be used in everyday life. The models of Transactional Analysis are easy to understand and can be applied in almost any social situation. This basic course creates the basis for you to integrate TA in your life. A certificate will prove your personal and professional development.

What is the TA 101 Certificate?

All further education in Transactional Analysis requires successfully participating in an introductory seminar. The introduction seminar provides a foundation in TA theory and models. This beginner’s class is called „TA 101“ and is finished with the TA 101 certificate. The certificate is well recognized with all national and international societies of Transactional Analysis.This online course is not a TA 101 course but a basic course in Transactional Analysis. After successfully taking the open book exam, you will receive the TA 101 certificate nevertheless. It is fully recognized worldwide.Employers recognize the certificate as well because it proves that you have developed yourself and your communication skills. Your employer might even support your education financially. You are invited discuss it with your manager.

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