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Your professional life revolves around people and little time? Then this email/video course is just right for you. Short and clear videos with effective exercises give you the impulses to develop your communication skills with Transactional Analysis. Try it, it's free!

This is what you learn in the 3-day video course


How to make clear arrangements

This is how you make sure that work is delivered on time and with the desired quality.


How to better get along with your colleagues

Find out what others want from you and clarify your professional relationships.


Understand communication

Why communication is misleading and an immediately applicable technique to communicate crystal clear.


Concrete tips and examples

Real everyday examples and concrete application. Wish-wash is over.

Your Coach

Steffen Raebricht Transaktionsanalyse

"Hello, my name is Steffen Raebricht and I will accompany you through your three-day compact course Transactional Analysis. You will receive excitingly written emails with the links to your video course content. I will give you handy everyday examples from my professional life as a team leader, where I successfully use transactional analysis. As a team leader, author, pedagogue (M.A.) and transactional analysis consultant, I personally assist you with my expertise. The compact course is and will remain free of charge. Develop your work life with transactional analysis and sign up now."

​Participants say:

Matthias Graefen Teacher of Alexander Technique

“Wow! Calm, comprehensible and true-to-life explanations that helps to better understand one-self and question habitual actions."

Letizia Maurer - Testimonial Transaktionsanalyse

Letizia Maurer Consultant in the psycho-social field

"I think the course is great! You have an enthusiastic student. It is very comfortable way of learning for me." 

Corinna Günther Sales coordinaor

"When I think of my psychology lectures, that was dry theory. You succeed at bringing the theory to life."

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